Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Final Blog Post

 ·      How have you changed as a person after studying abroad?
o   Yes, I feel that I have changed in many ways. I have learned that I am able to successfully live independently in an unfamiliar environment. Also, I have opened myself up to a variety of cultures and ideas, which I have grown to respect and love.

·      What self-discovery surprised you?
o   The self-discovery of independence surprised me the most because I honestly did not suspect the ability to flourish on my own prior to the trip abroad.

·      If you took courses in your major; how has studying abroad impacted your understanding of your major?
o   I did not take courses in my major, but learning the language of the country I was in and also a comparative philosophy course was very beneficial to me.

·      Single greatest benefit of studying abroad?
o   The single greatest benefit of studying abroad is to see the world and broaden my experiences.

·      How did your life goals change?
o   I have realized that I must focus more on what is important to me and that is helping those in need, which influenced me to start my own non-profit organization while I was still abroad.

·      What was your favorite experience?
o   My favorite experience is when I was able to shadow with a proficient Chinese acupuncturist. I was allowed to remove the needles and suction cups from the patients’ bodies.

·      Any advice for future participants?
o   Travel with an open mind and an open stomach!

·      Would you study abroad again? Why?
o   Yes, because it is the most enriching experience. It also is a perfect time to travel and study abroad especially with the helpful assistance of the Center for Global Learning and the Study Abroad programs.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


After a 90 minute railway train from Shanghai, I successfully reached Nanjing, China on Sunday, May 13th for a 5 day stay.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Shanghai Arrival

Fortunately, the three flights from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Shanghai, China were free of delays and issues! While there are many similarities between my hometown of Pittsburgh and my mother's hometown of Shanghai, the scale of everything is significantly intensified in the latter. Shanghai is the largest city proper in the world with a permanent population of 23 million people and an additional floating population of 9 million. With the sharp increase in amount of people that I am familiar, it really motivates me to be speedier and more competitive just to keep up in this fast-paced, foreign provincial city. I believe that complete immersion into an environment like this is the best way to improve on speed and productivity. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012


This is my travel log for China during Summer 2012 and I will be updating with posts and pictures as frequently as I can! While I will miss my family and friends for my 8-week adventure, I will hopefully make new close relationships during my travels. I love my home city of Pittsburgh, but I cannot wait to view it from the circular windows of the first flight. I am very honored and excited for this visit to my mother's motherland and I am truly grateful for everyone who helped in making this dream possible.