Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Final Blog Post

 ·      How have you changed as a person after studying abroad?
o   Yes, I feel that I have changed in many ways. I have learned that I am able to successfully live independently in an unfamiliar environment. Also, I have opened myself up to a variety of cultures and ideas, which I have grown to respect and love.

·      What self-discovery surprised you?
o   The self-discovery of independence surprised me the most because I honestly did not suspect the ability to flourish on my own prior to the trip abroad.

·      If you took courses in your major; how has studying abroad impacted your understanding of your major?
o   I did not take courses in my major, but learning the language of the country I was in and also a comparative philosophy course was very beneficial to me.

·      Single greatest benefit of studying abroad?
o   The single greatest benefit of studying abroad is to see the world and broaden my experiences.

·      How did your life goals change?
o   I have realized that I must focus more on what is important to me and that is helping those in need, which influenced me to start my own non-profit organization while I was still abroad.

·      What was your favorite experience?
o   My favorite experience is when I was able to shadow with a proficient Chinese acupuncturist. I was allowed to remove the needles and suction cups from the patients’ bodies.

·      Any advice for future participants?
o   Travel with an open mind and an open stomach!

·      Would you study abroad again? Why?
o   Yes, because it is the most enriching experience. It also is a perfect time to travel and study abroad especially with the helpful assistance of the Center for Global Learning and the Study Abroad programs.

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